Do You Know Da Wae


Use left mouse button to choose a path.

Do you know da way is an exciting game of finding a way for leisure? You will help Uganda find the right path among many roads and set it on the right path to finding Wade. Finding the right way can open up a new level. On the contrary, there will be some strange ways to die. So come here and make your best use of it.

Do you know da way’s game operation

Do you know da way, you will select the path through the left mouse button, and when the countdown is over, let Uganda set foot on the path you have chosen.

Do you know da way’s game content

Its game content is straightforward, that is, let Uganda take the road of your choice. Of the five paths, only one is the exit, and the other four are all non-return. When you successfully reach the right door, you can open the next level. If you regret not being able to pass, you can continue to challenge the scale until you give.

Do you know da way’s game features

It tests your observation because when choosing a road, the intersection will change the direction of the character. Secondly, Do you know da way has calm vocal music and funny picture processing methods for game characters?

Do you think your observation and thinking activity is robust enough?  If you want to have a test, you can choose do you know da way.  Your main task here is to choose the right one of many roads leading to the exit. If you want the wrong one, you will be killed.  However, Run 2 is a game that tests your observation. It would be best if you always observed the changes in the front platform before you can fail without falling into the trap of the system.

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